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How does giMobile use location services on the mobile device?

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2015 11:26AM PST

giMobile uses location services to locate Orgs/Groups and Traveling Admins (Oft times referred to Travelers).  

If an address is available for an Org/Group it can be shown on the map.  In addition to entering in the address, a Traveler can add the address of an Org/Group via spotting a pin on the map or choosing their current location as the address.

Admins (Travelers)
The mobile device frequently updates its location. These updates, known as checkins, are prompted by user actions, distance traveled, or crossing a geofence. There is a type of checkin called stopLocation, which generates a stop report..

The following are the user options in giMobile settings. 

Disable All
This will disable location services for giMobile.  There will be no geospatial awareness features enabled

Enable User Locations
This will enable location services only to report the users location.  In the foreground the users location will updated every minute.  In the background, the users location will only update on significant location changes only

Enable User Locations and Actions
In addition to reporting the users location as described above, all user actions will be logged with the users location when taking the action.

Enable User Locations, Actions and Stops
In addition to the above, The users location will be updated frequently while in the foreground or the background. When a user stops at a location, and giMobile goes into the background, the location services will revert to a significant change only.  This is done to save battery life.  A stop location is defined by a user being within a radius of  50 meters for longer than 10 minutes.  If you are moving frequently during the day this could cause significant battery use.

Enable User Locations, Actions, Stops and Routes
This option has location services running continually whether giMobile is in the foreground or background.  This will capture and display more accurately, the users daily routes.  However, this will cause significant battery use. it is recommended that your device be charged during the day (for example in the car charger while driving).
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